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Crow’s Feet
Life As We Age
Available in Digital for $7.99 and Print for $11.99

This anthology offers original pieces from thirty people, writing about how they overcame their own fears of aging to embrace the freedom of their final decades.

People who are feeling the weight of growing old will find inspiration in this collection of essays and poems that offer new insights into the joys of becoming wiser and more confident as we age despite the negative effects of ageism.

Staying active and healthy is only one of the paths these writers have taken to turn broken stereotypes upside down. Posing nude, having a boyfriend at 80, or riding horseback through the mountains thrill some, while others are content to plant fresh flowers, hug their grandchildren and enjoy the gift of time.

If you are thinking about how you are going to navigate through your 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, you may find your story in their frank and personal words. You will find pieces by award-winning writer Julia E. Hubbel, British writer Anne Saddler, humorist Roz Warren and author Beth Bruno.

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The volume features the best stories in Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age, an online Medium publication. It is edited by Nancy Peckenham, the founder of Crow’s Feet and a former CNN executive producer, documentary filmmaker and local news reporter who enjoys shaking up old ideas about what it means to grow old.

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