K E OConnor: Cream Caramel and Murder

Cream Caramel and Murder
Holly Holmes Cozy Culinary Mystery

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With its stunning turrets and beautiful rose gardens, I always thought Audley Castle
was perfect, set in the idyllic English village of Audley St. Mary.

 It’s a place I love to call home. But behind the trimmed hedgerows, stately gardens, and birdsong, a killer is waiting… After being forced to close my charming café in this quaint little village, I’m thrilled to get a job in the Audley Castle kitchens, making divine treats for visitors and serving the Audley family who live in the castle. The joy fades when I take my beloved dog for his daily walk, and he leads us to the body of a family friend, Kendal Jakes. Seemingly caught in the act of tampering with evidence by the castle’s security team, I become the number one murder suspect in their investigation. It’ll
take more than my skills with a piping bag to solve this crisis. As fingers get pointed at me, I
have no choice but to take matters into my flour-covered hands and clear my name. As I snoop around, I discover old rivalry, jealousy, and long-standing grudges. But who killed Kendal? If I’m charged with this crime, my friendship with Princess Alice will be over, and my blossoming crush on the handsome Lord Rupert will be a distant memory. And he has such a lovely smile. A kitchen assistant and a lord is an impossible dream, but every woman deserves a little indulgence. Having mastered the art of creating a perfectly fluffy souffle, I’m known for my determination to get things right,
and I won’t rest until I uncover the truth about this murder. Even if doing so puts me in the
killer’s line of sight… Cream Caramel and Murder is book one in a complete eight-book culinary
mystery series set in an enchanting English paradise. Each cozy mystery features our sleuth, Holly
Holmes, her cute dog, Meatball, and a cast of quirky villagers.


 K.E. O’Connor is the author of the Witch Haven mystery series, the Crypt Witch cozy
mysteries, the Lorna Shadow ghost mysteries, the Holly Holmes baking mysteries, the Zee Town
paranormal cozy series, and the Old Sarum mystery series, along with other titles available if you
cast the right spell. She can imagine dragons, taste cookies when they aren’t even there, and hear
the crack of a witch’s broom at a hundred paces. K.E. (the K stands for Karen) lives in the United
Kingdom (it isn’t very united, but that’s a mystery for another time) among the mystical stones
and fairy creatures of Somerset. She graduated from the Universities of Southampton and Reading,
where she received degrees in Archaeology and Cognitive Evolution (both highly entertaining to take
part in, but with the career options of a ground witch’s toe bone.) If you’re of the curious
persuasion and want to know more, visit her website at www.keoconnor.com for enlightening knowledge on all things cozy mystery, book news, and a peek into the magical world of a writer who believes animals talk and magic is just a finger click away.

To contact her, visit her Facebook page – www.facebook/keoconnorauthor, join her email list, or dust off that haunted mirror in your cellar and speak the ancient magical words to transport yourself into her lounge. There may be tea and cookies waiting, or there may be giants – it depends on her mood.


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