BOOK DEAL: One Died Under the Cuckoo’s Nest by Joyce Kelly

One Died Under the Cuckoo’s Nest
A Hidden Bay Cozy Mystery


It has been two years since Felicity Griffith last lived in the cozy seaside town of Hidden Bay – and she has no plans to return anytime soon.

When her grandmother, the famous advice columnist “Dear Dolores”, asks for help expanding her business, Felicity has her doubts. After all, with a list of ex-boyfriends longer than a grocery store receipt and unable to pay last month’s rent, Felicity is the last person to give advice. But as the old adage goes: when the going gets tough, run home to grandma!

When a neighbor dies under suspicious circumstances by driving his car into her grandmother’s tree, Felicity stumbles into a murder investigation involving a zany family of suspects. With the aid of thirteen-year-old Simon, who acts and dresses like a 1930s gangster, and while trying to avoid her ex, who is now the chief of police, Felicity must use her quick wit and careful ear to figure out the mystery of who committed the murder. That is unless of course the killer gets to her first!


After teaching elementary school for twenty years, Joyce Kelly is no stranger to chaos! When not writing she binge-watches Netflix, talks to her grandchildren, and attempts new recipes with a fire extinguisher in hand.

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