BOOK DEAL: Cats and Catnapping by Julia Koty

Cats and Catnapping

Cats and Catnapping
Mira Michael Mystery Book 1
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Mira Michaels finally calls her old life quits. 

She moves out of her psychic sister’s house and is on the road to her new life. Her trip to Pennsylvania starts simply, even if her cat, Arnold, can’t stop backseat driving. She refuses to accept that she can hear his kitty voice, until the radio refuses to work. Then, at a rest stop she witnesses a catnapping of the sweet kitty that Arnold has a crush on. Mira promises to chase the catnapper across the northeast and find the cat’s owner all before she must meet her realtor at her new house. Antics ensue…

Julia Koty spent her early childhood in a small town in Pennsylvania very similar to Pleasant Pond. Her house, also an old Victorian which her dad renovated, was indeed haunted.

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Author: M.K. Stabley
C.A. Phipps: Fudge and Frenemies

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  1. YAY! Thanks for the featured deal! It looks great!!! This book hit #1 in Cozy Animal Cozies this week!!!

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