Laura Hern: Murder in the Backwater

Murder in the Backwater
A Lainey Maynard Mystery Book 2
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Everyone looked forward to it…
…the press swarmed the town.
Who knew fishing with stink bait could be deadly?

Lainey and her friends volunteered to help organize the fishing opener. It was supposed to be easy. Crowd control and a drawing of names. Nothing to it.

Things were going smoothly…
…until the dream.

Shep had always seen things. He’d gone to the police many times over the years, until they stopped listening. The town’s people called him crazy. This time, Lainey believed him.

Would anyone else?

Her keen sense of intuition and cunning wit have served her well in the past. The more she digs, the more dirt piles up. This time, though, it may be more than she can handle. Could the town’s favorite son, a former college football star, be involved?

Mistaken identities, smuggling, stink bait, and cat burglars lie at the heart of this delightful cozy mystery.

You’ll love every page, because we all love the good guys to win in the end.

I enjoy the murder mystery series of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple; the Arthur Conan Doyle’s series of Sherlock Holmes; the television detective shows Monk, Columbo, Pysch; and the Hallmark Channel’s murder and mystery series.

If you enjoy intrigue, humor, suspense and a bit of romance, you will love my new cozy mysteries titled The Lainey Maynard Murder Mystery series.

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Author: Emmeline Duncan
Author: K.C. Hart

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