Donna Amis Davis: Duplicity at the Dive Shack

Duplicity at the Dive Shack
Book Two

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 An exercise instructor too fit to fall. A cryptic note. An older British tourist who causes trouble wherever he goes.

The Dive Shack is on full alert. Meanwhile, Marlena is baking up trouble and trying to find her family’s ancestral mansion.

When a cute young exercise instructor is found dead at the bottom of the stairs, one death leads to another and pretty soon Shelby is embroiled in a puzzling murder case. The investigation takes her to one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Underground River. But what she finds there raises more questions than it answers.

If you like gorgeous locations, tantalizing things to eat, fluffy cats and scruffy dogs, and a host of people who feel like friends, you’ll love this story.

Duplicity at the Dive Shack, the second book in the Dive Shack Mysteries series, is a clean cozy mystery novel with a tropical twist. It can be read as a standalone, but you will enjoy reading the continuing series.

Donna Amis Davis is a San Diego, California native transplanted to Palawan, Philippines, and back again. And now she has stories to tell – light-hearted cozy mysteries set in beachy locations.

If you like mysteries, if you dislike swear words and explicit scenes in your books, if you like dogs, or cats, or beaches, or the ocean, if you like food and recipes, or if you just like to escape the world and dive into a fun book, you might like her Dive Shack mysteries.

She also has a website, sorely un-updated, with a slew of posts about Palawan (you know, that aforementioned gorgeous island?) There’s stuff there about San Diego, too, her not-too-shabby hometown.

Where to find Donna Amis Davis
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