Welcome to author Morgan Vale, author of paranormal cozy mystery books. I think you’re going to enjoy her interview!

Describe your favorite writing spot or space.

I’ve always been drawn to overlooked spaces and hidden alcoves. It feels like I’m an investigator in one of my books, so often littered with mysteries and secrets themselves.

There was a library in the town where I used to live that had such a spot. It was an old building and the shelves fitted into it haphazardly, making a labyrinth of stairs and tables and stacks. Past a pile of bookcases, underneath a stairwell, and tucked into a corner was a small table and chair. It was never crowded like the ones in the main area. It was quiet, almost eerily so. Back in my secret corner I rarely encountered any patrons passing by. It was just me and my writing, surrounded by books.

It was in this secret corner that I found old cloth-bound copies of Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason series. Some of them were published during World War II when paper was being rationed, and I was fascinated by the inscriptions within, talking about freedom and victory. “Books are weapons in the war of ideas,” a newspaper clipping read.

Whenever I needed a break from the world, I knew that my cozy corner would be there for me. Even though I don’t live nearby anymore, I will never forget its impact on my life..

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

Far too many to count 🙂

I’m fortunate in that I can also create cover art in the cozy vector style, so one of the ways I dream up ideas is by looking at stock image websites and playing around with the graphics. I’ve put together a bunch of covers for books I haven’t written yet, but it helps inspire me.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

I’m a big fan of the website 4thewords.com. It turns writing into a game by giving you “quests” and “monsters” to fight, each of which you must write a certain amount of words in a certain amount of time. The community is very active, the devs are incredibly responsive and supportive, and the graphics are just so darn cute. You can collect pets, dress up your character in crazy costumes, and there are houses coming later this year. All from writing your words.

What is your favorite childhood book(s)?

Two series that stick out to me during my childhood were the Magic Tree House series and the Boxcar Children books. They are both long-running chapter book series for children and when I look back at them I find a lot of common themes. Children take responsibility, investigate, explore, and make their own way in the world. The Boxcar Children even turn out to be amateur sleuths!

The characters of those books were great role models for me growing up (I even daydreamed about living in a boxcar). When I look back, those adventurous kiddos taught me so much — from self-sufficiency to history to the power of imagination. I’m thankful that I grew up in a home full of books.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Not writing? There’s such a thing? But I jest…I watch cooking shows, play games on the Nintendo switch, or add to my ever increasing horde of stuffed animals. My current favorite is a stuffed sloth that sits in my lap while I’m writing.

Morgan loves all things magical, and hopes you do too. What else did you expect from growing up with a mystery-loving mom and a steady diet of all things witchy? Currently living in the American South, Morgan spends time reading, gaming, and trying to escape the heat. The black cat that follows Morgan around may or may not be a real familiar. Here you’ll find snappy, feel-good books that will keep you up past your bedtime. Get ready for snarky cats, sassy witches, and a whole lot of murder.

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