Violet Patton: Bath Bombs & Beyond

A Fanny Doyle Cozy Ghost Myster #1
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Do you believe in ghosts? I wish I didn’t.

After I retired, Sandy and I opened Bathhouse Row Soapery. Boy, that was a dumb idea. Opening day, I fell backward off a stepladder, cracked my noggin on the sidewalk and woke with the ability to communicate with Fanny Doyle, Al Capone’s shirt maker. Cracking my noggin was nothing compared to seeing a ghost.

Things go from bad to worse fast. Etta, our first employee, finds a dead cabaret singer poisoned by our bath bombs. I’m suspect #1 because I mixed that batch. Our new sheriff, Dick, shuts down the Row, calls in crime scene investigators and hauls away our bath bomb ingredients. Now I have a murderer on my hands and a ghost with big-time issues. If I don’t solve the murder, and get rid of Fanny, our little soap shop will become the laughingstock of Central Avenue.

Can I salvage our sudsy little soapery before it’s too late? Filled with whacky Southern characters, friendly ghostly fun, sweet friendships, and sparring rivals Bath Bombs & Beyond will make you wish you had a ghost girlfriend, too. Download your copy and read all about it.

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Hi, I’m Violet Patton. I write humorous, cozy mysteries set in places I love. Hot Springs, Arkansas is one of my favorite places. I love to reminisce about my favorite spots: Oaklawn Racetrack, Central Avenue and its famous bathhouses, The Ohio speakeasy and the Arlington Hotel. I’ve seen a ghost, scared the daylights out of me, and I never want to see one again. Did it make me believe in ghosts? Maybe. I’m a touchy-feely kind of gal. If I can’t touch, feel or eat it, it’s hard for me to believe in something as odd as a ghost. I enjoy bringing the possibility of a ghost to life. They make great characters who can do things otherwise impossible for mere humans.

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