Mona Marple: Here Today Gone Tomato

Here Today Gone Tomato
Mexican Mysteries

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Emily Monk and Uncle Cornelius are still in Mexico, but this is no regular holiday! The quirky pair find themselves up close and personal with reality TV royalty when they are joined at the chef’s table by the stars of the hit series, Keeping Up With The Cunninghams.

The stylish family are in Mexico to film their season finale, which also happens to be daughter Hatties wedding. On-screen, family matriarch Lulu oversees everything that the family do, and it’s easy to imagine that her and her three daughters have everything – wealth, beauty and fame. But all that glitters is not gold, and cracks are evident in this wedding party even before one of the family is found dead. Volunteered into the festivities, can Emily and Uncle C find the killer? 


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