Kent Swarts: A Savvy Way to kill

A Savvy Way to Kill
Denny McConnell PI Book 2

I’m Denny McConnell, PI, who gave up a career in mechanical engineering to apply my skills to solving legal problems.

Amber Fagerstrom, the principal environmental engineer for Amalgamated Wyoming Coal, was charged with killing Phillip McDuggle, the company’s president, in Evanston, Wyoming. She vehemently denied the charge, so was she set up? Due to the evidence gathered by the Evanston police, it could go either way.

In Fort Worth, Texas, Jo Neiman owned the plane that David Grossman crashed. She was suing him for damages, and I had been called in as a technical expert. Then Neiman was found strangled in a hotel. Subsequently, the Fort Worth police charged David’s wife with Jo’s murder.

Were the murders related? Convoluted schemes to wrest control of the coal mine away from Phillip McDuggle became motives. Possible killers became as plentiful as pollen from a cedar tree, including the two women. Narrowing suspects, it became clear the murders were committed by two savvy, deranged people. The question was, which two? 

Kent Swarts is a retired aerospace engineer and amateur astronomer. He edited the astronomy club’s newsletter for fifteen years when he retired from that as well. He now writes mysteries, science fiction, & books for middle grade and young adult. Whether the storyline deals with scoundrels, magic, or animals, each story carries the reader into a world filled with hope, angst, love, and sinister antagonists.

He has short stories published in four anthologies, and has three Denny McConnell mysteries published by Evolved Publishing. He lives in Waco, TX.

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