K.C. Hart: Moonlight, Murder, & Small Town Secrets

Moonlight, Murder, and Small Town Secrets
A Katy Cross Mystery #1

Katy Cross may be Skeeterville’s favorite home health nurse as well as lead singer in her all-girl band, The Moonlighters. Now she can add a new gig to her resume; Amateur Sleuth.

Katy Cross is perfectly content to live her life and mind her own business, which is sometimes harder than you’d think in the small town of Skeeterville, where gossip and sweet tea are town staples. But when she finds the body of Jessa Williams, a newcomer to the area with the reputation of a troublemaking flirt, under the Peanut Patch Festival stage, she’s compelled to step out of her comfort zone and snoop around.

Since a murder has not occurred in their town in over three decades, the local sheriff is more accustomed to catching jaywalkers than killers. His arrest of a local easy-going, hard-working neighbor sets tongues a-wagging. Will Katy’s sharp eye, keen wit, and a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time help the sheriff and his bumbling, good-natured deputy catch the real culprit before more lives are lost?

Book #2: Music, Murder & Small Town Romance now available at Amazon

K.C. lives in south Mississippi with her husband of thirty-plus years. She loves to write, read, play piano and guitar, and piddle in her flower beds.

K.C. feels that her love of storytelling was nurtured by her family growing up where she spent a lot of afternoons singing while her dad played the guitar and listening and laughing to the tall tales shared by her mother, brothers, or any neighbor who happened to stop by.

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Author: Jackie Layton
Author: Emmeline Duncan

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2 thoughts on “K.C. Hart: Moonlight, Murder, & Small Town Secrets

  1. Sounds like such a fun series! I’ve already figured the deputy is cast in a Deputy Fife mentality! I love series as is readers get to see the characters grow and develop deeper understandings of the town and their families.

  2. When I think of Todd I see a mixture of Barney Fife and Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He’s a good guy but murder is a new deal for him.

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