A Witch in the City
Lobelia Falls Mystery Prequel

 Meg and her trusty sidekick, Pugsley, set out to solve a crime spree in the small town of Lobelia Falls.

When Meghan “Meg” Leisler’s mother and sister die in a car crash, she has to leave her fast-paced life in New York City to head home to Lobelia Falls to help her father with the funeral arrangements. She ends up dealing with a lot more than just the deaths.

All Outlets

J. J. Justice lives in Rosendale, NY, and loves to and write cozy mysteries. Beyond writing, he loves to create art, although he can’t draw to save his life. Thankfully, J. J. has some pretty good computer skills. He is learning more and more about manipulating images using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop every day. J. J. is the proud owner of a house on a swamp. When he isn’t writing and keeping up with day-to-day life, he avoids the house’s basement, where several slithering friends have taken up residence. J. J. is the proud parent of two furbabies.

Where to find J.J. Justice
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Author: Amy Pershing

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