Welcome to author Victoria LK Williams who took time from her hectic schedule to answer a slew of questions for us!

Describe your favorite writing spot or space.

I have 2: sitting in my office (writing by computer) or sitting along the inter-coastal waterway(dictating).

Describe your current writing spot or space.

From my desk, with a cat on either side, I look out the windows that surround me into my garden. It’s always moving: the wind moving the wind chimes and spinners, the birds and of course those crazy squirrels.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

I own and run a gardening service which takes up most of my day. I try to get some words in at lunch, but otherwise it has to be in the evenings, usually after I eat and watch the news with my hubby.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

If I’m doing NaNoWriMo or the NaNo camps, then I get the book done in a month. Otherwise it is usually 2-4 months.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

None! At least not yet. Once I get into the story, I want to finish it-there is always another idea waiting to be developed.

Do you write under a pseudonym? If not, have you ever considered it?

No, I decided to use my real name (not my nickname, Vicki) because my father loved the name Victoria. It’s all he ever called me, other than Trouble!

What comes first for you, the plot or characters?

The plot. I can look at a picture and develop a story line in a flash. The characters take much longer to decide on.

How do you select the names of your characters?

I think this is the hardest thing to do. I search names that are popular of the age of my characters or have a special meaning. In the current series I’m working on, all the main characters have names that have water or ocean references.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Trying not to go overboard in the stereotyping. You know, the macho or sports minded guy.

Can you hear your characters talking?

Oh, yeah! I run entire conversations in my head before I start typing. That’s one of the reasons I love dictation.

Were you a part-time writer before you became a full-time one? For how long?

Writing is still part-time. I love my business, so I’m not looking to go full time-yet.

How much time do you spend on research before starting a book? While writing?

The biggest thing I research before starting is titles. I don’t want to use someone else’s. Then I do the necessary research as I go.

What kind of research do you do for a book?

I use google earth and Pinterest to get a feel for the locations. I also look for unusual crimes and methods of murder. Heaven help me if anyone ever checks my internet history!

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

At first, I was going to say a cat, but the more I thought about it I think the squirrel would be better; always on the move and curious. And they seem to have a sense of humor.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I must be alone to write. I hate the thought that someone could read over my shoulder, or worse, hear me dictating.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

Buying Scrivener. Hands down the best tool I’ve used. The second would be the money for a website and newsletter.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Read (of course), watch mysteries on Britbox or Hallmark, garden, and needlepoint.

Do you ever Google yourself?

Occasionally. It’s always surprising.

What is your favorite childhood book(s)?

Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Trixie Beldon.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Have patience! Take the time to do it right and enjoy the process.

What comes first the cover or the story?

For me, it’s the cover! I collect covers like some women collect shoes or jewelry. Having the cover to look at as I write not only keeps me inspired, but within the story line.

Hi! I’m Victoria LK Williams and I write Cozy Mysteries and Cozy Paranormal  Mysteries. Citrus Beach Mysteries is my first cozy mystery series of 8 books. Megan and her beagle, Barney, sniff out the clues to catch the crooks in the small beach-town of Citrus Beach. Mrs. Avery’s Adventures is the newest cozy series., involving a woman who needs to make a change with her life’s direction. But she never expected it to lead to murder. Storm Voices is a paranormal cozy mystery series where the key character can hear the voice of a killer in her head. The Beach House Mystery series is about murder, mermaid legends, and an angry sea witch.

You can usually find me writing from our south Florida home, looking into the garden, watching the birds and squirrels fight over their next meal. Our two cats, Miss Marple and Fletch, often join me at the desk and each has their assigned spot. I’m not sure they are there to supervise my writing or watch the birds. My husband of 37 years shares a love of gardening, and together we have written a gardening handbook for Florida gardeners. We are now empty-nesters and the house gets quiet, but that gives me plenty of time to dream up the next story. Until then, you can read any of my current titles in the Citrus Beach Mystery series, Sister Station series, Mrs. Avery’s Adventures, and Storm Voices series. And watch for the next release in the Beach House Mystery Series.

Clean Christian Fiction 
The Sister Station Series will bring you along for the ride as Paige and Rebecca Skipton accept their grandmother’s challenge to create something wonderful and exciting with their family heritage. Leaving their warm southern home, they move to the northeast and take over the old rail station. Visit the Skipton sisters as they walk into a new life that will test their love of family and faith in God’s will. This series is dear to my heart. My father, grandfather, and uncle were rail-road-man for years.

Victoria L
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