Anne Shillolo: Poodle Versus The Outlaw

Poodle Versus The Outlaw
Cottage Country Cozy Mysteries Book 8

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An icy lake reveals a horrifying secret…

…but months later, Rocco, the Nasty Small Poodle, is still chasing his tail! And, Rocco isn’t the only one with spring fever, as romance is in the air for the humans in this story.

Zora Flynn, a 50-something local newspaper publisher, and the staff of The Williamsport Whistle have their first cold case to crack.

By the time spring arrives in Williamsport, the body of the murder victim is still unidentified. Will a video reenactment give the investigation new life and get the case back on the front page? Zora realizes they’ve been barking up the wrong tree when an unexpected visitor sends the case in a new direction and points to a sinister threat. The dead man’s secret might be about to shake the cottage country town to its core. That’s if Zora and Rocco survive to tell the story!

I love writing every day and the result so far is three mystery series, and counting. When I’m at the keyboard, I feel like I’m channeling every detective story I’ve ever read – and that’s a lot of books. As a Canadian, of course I have my favorites from this country and the U.S. But, I have to confess a not-so-secret addiction to U.K. crime series. Books or TV shows, the longer the series, the better I like it! I’ve been retired from teaching for a couple of years, and am totally immersed in my new career as a mystery writer. I hope you enjoy the results!

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